Erwachsenen Shiatsu

For adults

Prevention, therapy and alleviation

Shiatsu is practiced as a preventative method and it effectively deals with different ailments, aches and diseases. It leads to relaxation, refreshment and alleviation – and it will be enriching for one´s life. Shiatsu enhances physical and emotional well-being, relaxation and regeneration.

Physically, mentally or emotionally caused diseases can be treated as well as acute and chronic health problems. Shiatsu enhances the immune system, helps to deal with stressful situations and with the pressure to perform in everyday life. It will boost energy levels and will help to regain one´s physical equilibrium.

Quite frequently, different kinds of ailments, such as most types of back pain, are originated due to blockages or misalignments in the musculo-skeletal system, especially in bones and joints. In combination with elements of craniosacral and manipulative therapy, Shiatsu intervenes in a regulative manner, alleviates the pain and encourages the healing process.

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