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For children and teenagers

A gentle treatment for sensitive patients

Shiatsu for children and teenagers is highly recommendable as the young patients’ response to the treatment is particularly sensitive. In this case, the Shiatsu treatment is aimed at typical ailments that appear during childhood and adolescence.

Even when dealing with minor problems, such as frequent colds, Shiatsu can be practiced. But also abnormalities in the musculo-skeletal system and retarded development can be treated effectively with Shiatsu. Nowadays school children in particular, are faced with considerable demands and stressful situations at a young age. Shiatsu can provide them with the necessary tranquility to calmly deal with the challenges found in daily school and family routines.

Empathy and profound touching can often help to quickly get on the right path. By means of taking “a closer look” at the children´s energies, the causes of a problem can be detected and the child will be helped appropriately.

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