The holistic art of healing

Shiatsu is a natural Japanese healing method, a modern way of physical therapy. Its origins are found in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is based upon the work on the pathways of energy of the human body. Shiatsu is beneficial for people of all ages.

The pathways of energy are the most significant communication system in the human body. A harmonious flow of energy is conceived as being essential to health. Shiatsu symbolizes the ability to guide the subtle energies within the body, to detect the origins of ailments and to create harmony in the body´s inner energy flow with a well-directed application of hand pressure and stimulation techniques.

Shiatsu can support in maintaining and in improving health condition because it helps release the paths of energy bringing them into a harmonious flow. The innate self-healing powers are activated and the physical, mental and emotional well-being is enhanced. The treatment helps to induce a feeling of lightness. It represents the ideal foundation to take health and everyday life into one´s own hands.

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